Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Workplace Stress Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Workplace Stress - Essay Example Organizations also make atmosphere employee friendly and suitable for work by meeting up certain standards, which helps in reducing work place stress. Any organization can measure the level of work place stress on their employees by simply conducting surveys and polls on this topic plus interviews can also be conducted. In order to evaluate the success of their work place stress management programs the organization can simply conduct an online poll or survey with interviews about how effective an employee feels the programs has been. Power and Politics are two different concepts but they can be put together. Power in general means an authority a person holds and politics is basically a process through which groups of people make decisions. Usually decision-making comes with power, people have the authority to make decisions that is politics when they have power. Power and Politics have similarities and differences both but similarities overlap the differences. As in politics, democracy, power all these go together. In democracy its politics that leads to the transfer of power between different leaders that run the country. Power and Politics are always related to each other as explained earlier power leads to politics as only people having authority can make decisions. Organizations also have a hierarchy structure that is being followed to make decisions. When it comes to the use of power and politics ethical issues arise as not all people think the decisions being taken are correct, there is always a conflict o f opinion when a group of people sits down. Ethical issues like equal rights and discrimination often arise due to the abuse of power and politics in an organization and it’s advisable to minimize these as they can also lead to work place

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