Saturday, September 7, 2019

Project management and control - the topic is up to you Term Paper

Project management and control - the topic is up to you - Term Paper Example In all this report is a detailed, comprehensive instruction set of what to plan for and how to plan for it. Introduction This is not a small project. The duration for lodging, the number of field visits and the probable number of partakers are all quite excessive for a usual university industrial visit. Meeting the requirements of organizing and managing the activity are not a job for a team of a few people. From the administration executives to the student organizers everyone has to get involved if we want this event to be successful. In addition to this we have to connect to a lot of professional individuals and organizations, and work in tandem with them to manage the occasion. However if the planned event gets to completion without any major hitches it will certainly go down the history book of this institution and perhaps into some local newspapers as well. Goals and Tasks There is a wealth of objectives from an academic standpoint that can be achieved by the organization of thi s trip. An obvious one is giving the students, and the faculty for that matter, a chance to bring fun and pragmatism into their standard academic curriculums; a chance to link the outside world to the sober and unidirectional outlook of the scholarly learning process. So building students’ interest into their academic curriculums and letting them experience and see and take interest in their potential future roles in society. The club wants to make an effort to make this kind of trip an annual event and push the administration of the university to increase its focus on allowing the students to form a link between industrial practices and their scholarly knowledge. This trip will be a chance to acquaint the students with professional life. These professional lives are important for the students because they are of people from the students’ future professions. Students can only wonder about what would become of them once they graduate until they have seen it as clearly a s the organizers of this trip want them to see. Many students will have a chance to meet with people who were once in the students’ place and who the students might aspire to be like in the future. Not all aspects of professional life the students get to see will be uplifting though some will be but the important thing is that all will be very true and relevant. The participants will be acquainted with standard industrial practices that are common to all industries wherever the students go in the future, like the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures at work sites. The students will also get to see what these SOPs are for companies of their particular fields. Similarly the participants of the trip will gain knowledge about how issues in industrial processes are identified and dealt with, what kind of problems can and do arise and the universal principles and tricks of the trade that are always to be kept in mind. We want to show the academia what the common industri al processes are in the local industry, what operational standards are used around the world and how machinery and services are acquired and maintained and where their academic curricula may be lacking in terms of stressing on industry-relevant topics and complying with the level of technological advancement in the industrial work place. For students of engineering and other technical disciples it will be a chance to examine the machinery they might want to study about in their course curricula and research about like piping and flow

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