Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How would you create a healthy, holistic atmosphere for children that Research Paper

How would you create a healthy, holistic atmosphere for children that addresses their physical, cognitive, and socioemotional ne - Research Paper Example The teacher serves as a facilitator rather than an instructing boss, and this aids the students in better communicating with the teacher and with other members of the group, and in getting an improved understanding of complicated problems related to their curriculum. An ideal curriculum would have the students focus not only on the theoretical segment of the subject but also upon the practical objectives that can also be applied to â€Å"their personal and professional lives† (Adamson). A healthy, holistic atmosphere encourages the students to work in groups in an informal environment where teacher does not act as a boss or a dictator; rather, the students act as their own instructors. They discuss the topic among themselves; ask each other questions; and, try to come up with the best possible solutions. This way, they learn to better communicate with peers and get to know each other better along with achieving a clearer concept about the topic in hand. An ideal environment sh ould so much keep the student occupied with the topic that they want to stay in the class even after the class is over so that they can argue about the uncertain concepts with the teacher.

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