Thursday, September 26, 2019

Research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Research Paper Example The frames were set in a simple indoor background which was predominantly blue. Beside the two frames arranged one on top of the other was the name of the product in a vertical box bordering the whole height of page. The top of the said box the website the customer can check for additional information, was presented (Note: Due to the fact that the ad was used on 2003, the website is no longer connected to the product). In the lower part of the box, the brand name Kyocera, the model name Slider V5, and the network provider Virgin mobile were shown. The caption â€Å"do U slide?† was the main advertising line that focused on the sliding feature of the mobile phone model (Kyocera 34). The advertisement presented key elements important in a magazine advertisement such as visually appealing, targeting a specific audience, and intellectually stimulating. Analysis of the Kyocera Advertisement The study of a magazine advertisement is important to be able to determine t he different reasons and principles related to the moves undertaken by manufacturers and service providers in relation to improve the sales of products. Advertising is an important form of marketing communication to be able to make the product known to the target market (Kitchen 12). The Kyocera advertisement met the different factors pertinent to printed advertisements. One factor in a printed advertisement is the presentation. The Kyocera ad was presented in a visually attractive manner with the different elements contributing to the total impact of the ad such as the colored presentation, the male and the female model and how they look, the images in the ad, the information about the product and the different representations used. Advertising is an integration of the different principles of visual presentation and marketing techniques, thus, the term â€Å"integrated marketing communications† can be considered related to the presentation of the ad (Grove, Carlson and Dorsc h 37). Based on the work of Kitchen (2006), advertising is a synergy of multidisciplinary tools, procedures and principles (p.12). The visual effects in the advertisement aided in the successful presentation of the main impact. Specifically, this is the changes in the height of the male model as a corresponding representation of the compact and the slide-open form of the Kyocera Slider V5 mobile phone. This factor is the main selling point of the product which is versatility. Other factors contributed in attracting audience’s interest towards the advertisement. One is the visual presentation of the two almost identical frames. The upper frame was showing the male model as a short guy, the female model being taller and the mobile phone was in the compact form. The lower frame presented the male model as being taller than the female model, while the mobile phone was in its slide-open form. The two frames visually can be considered very similar to the game â€Å"spot-the-differ ence† which creates a relaxed feeling in relation to viewing the ad. The blue background added to the effect. Even the mood elucidated by the cool and relaxed male model created an impression that the product is for the audience with the same characteristics. The simplicity and the clean finish of the other frame served as the final missing element to the whole impact of the ad. Based on the study by Vanden Bergh and James (1990), â€Å"

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