Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 48

Case Study Example As a function of this, if I were a recruiter seeking a job applicant, a differential between SAT scores that the applicants exhibited would not necessarily be a fundamental determinant in helping me to make an informed decision. This is due to the types of individuals that firms seek as well as the particular type of job that is being filled. Ultimately, unless to get really high level of stress is placed upon reading or writing or a particular high level of skill is placed upon being able to do complex calculations rapidly, such a score does little if anything with regards to helping determine of the overall suitability of the candidate. In addition to SAT scores, the potential employer could seek to measure GPA, certain technical skills, expertise and interpersonal communications, complex problem-solving skills, or literacy. Many of these can of course be understood and realized within the interview process itself. Others may require the employer to ask the potential employee to submit to a particular round of testing in order to determine to what degree they possess these skills. Ultimately, this is merely a question of what the tickler job is being interviewed for and what particular skills might be required for this job. The traditional interview process is mainly concentric upon the degree in which the individual can rapidly and logically respond to the employer’s questions as well as exhibit their overall level of interpersonal medication and technical skill. The first thing to do in such a situation is to realize that the SAT ultimately measures to particular aspects of the individual. The first of these is naturally their ability to understand the complexities of the English language. The second is with regards to understanding the complexities of certain branches of mathematics. Due to the fact that not all individuals have taken the SAT and/or were in the United States prior to attending university, it would be necessary for such an

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