Sunday, August 25, 2019

With specific reference to post-1990s developments, critically Essay - 2

With specific reference to post-1990s developments, critically evaluate the scope of the doctrine of humanitarian intervention under Article 2 of the United Nations Chapter - Essay Example In addition, this paper analyses the structural reform proposals of the UN Charter and the challenges it is currently facing. The various current matters of Security Council reform financing and proposals of the UN Charter are also discussed (Latif 2000, p.25). The United Nations Charter was born forty four years ago and it was as a result of the sufferings caused by the Second World War. The main purpose of the above mentioned Charter was to secure the upcoming generation from the impacts of the war. Moreover, the United Nations Charter aimed at correcting the League of the Nations’ weaknesses. The leadership of the United Charter rests on the highest authorities. Nevertheless, the challenges as a result of the Cold War barred the UN Charter from carrying out its main goals of the maintance of peace and security. The cold war was accompanied by a hostile environment and the UN could not perform its key role to implement the provisions made in the Charter, which were related to international security and peace. Despite the hostile environment presented by the Cold war, the United Nations pursued its Charter purposes in various fields such as in the improvement of social standards for individuals, decolonization and in the protection of human rights ((Mendlovitz & Weston 1995, p.13). Moreover, there were some adjustments that were made to the UN Charter and this enabled it to cope with various threats imposed to the international security and peace. The establishment of the UN Charter led to various dramatic changes in the world structure of peace and security. The above organizations came up with various ways of solving the challenges they came across. For instance, in order to eliminate the powers used by high authorities during the Cold War, the UN Charter established various peacemaking (Mingst & Karens 1995, p.29) and it took the role of the Security Council in maintaining international peace and

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