Monday, August 26, 2019

Animal Law Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Animal Law Research - Essay Example Legislative provisions in other countries of the world are below par when compared to Australia, however the question of rights for animals must also encompass a wider frame of reference rather than the alleviation of suffering. Therefore, from the perspective of animals used in scientific research, the question that is proposed to be examined is â€Å"Should animal rights be legally recognized and should the legislative provisions be modified to include this aspect?† Animals are routinely used as guinea pigs in experiments involving research on new drugs or behavioral research that may also cause pain and used as subjects in toxicity tests to assess the safety of consumer products.5 In this connection for example, the Draize Test6, which is legal in NSW, is one where rabbits with their inefficient tear ducts are tested for cosmetic eye products by placing them in stocks and immobilising them, while the substance to be tested is dropped into one eye.7 Drug testing carried on in animals is intended to examine the safety of these drugs prior to their use in humans, since human life is perceived as more precious as compared to an animal. Since animals undoubtedly suffer pain and discomfort during these experiments, are their rights being adversely affected? Gendin questions the value of scientific research on the basis that different species may react differently for different doses, likewise since animals cannot describe their experiences, nor can the provide information on symptoms such as giddiness or nausea. He also suggests various alternatives to using animals for research purposes, such as using lesser organisms like bacteria or fungi, the use of mathematical and/or computer modeling and more studies performed on humans under carefully regulated conditions. Gallistel on the other hand has advocated the unrestricted use

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