Tuesday, August 27, 2019

DESIGN THE TRAINING PLAN Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

DESIGN THE TRAINING PLAN - Essay Example In this respect, it becomes vital for the company to pursue training programs that work to the best interest of its operations. Enterprise architecture is characterized by technological diversity and dynamism in the industry context. Shifts in market needs create operational and performance gaps that have to be addressed for continued competitiveness in business. For this reason, enterprise architecture training at Intel seeks to foster creativity and innovation in the enterprise architecture department. Personal, professional, and company performance cannot be overlooked in the training context (Ilozor, Peter, & Graham, 2012). Whilst the key factor to consider when designing training plan for Intel is the enterprise architecture, the underlying effects on all the other departments in the firm cannot be ignored. To streamline the process, training will have to address emerging effects or implications to ensure that the set organizational goals and objectives are met. Essentially, tra ining at Intel targets enterprise architects. However, engineers and other technical professionals can be factored in if need be. The idea is to ensure that the exploitation of existing and emerging opportunities is characterized by creativity and innovation in technology. ... The training will address the extent to which enterprise architects, engineers, and operations group can exploit technology and processes reuse for enhanced organizational enterprise architecture. Design The training program needs to provide for the needs, interests, concerns, issues, and diversities that characterize the enterprise architecture workforce and the organizational setting at large (Intel Corporation, 2011). The program format, therefore, have to reflect these variables relative to the desired outcome. It is important to note that all the listed factors cannot be necessarily met an individual level. However, departmental and organizational goals and objectives have to be adequately met. Effectiveness and efficiency of the training process is also influential in the realization of the desired outcomes. Training format determination takes the following into account: Formulate and set the training ground in the organization. Identify the needs, interests, concerns, issues, and diversities that influence the training program. Assess the training issue(s) and set the expected training outcomes. Evaluate the current performance of the target group and align the result with the training program. Match training goals and objectives to the organizational business goals. Factor technological creativity and innovation in the training process. Consider the underlying gap(s). Execute the plan. Training duration and method of delivery have to be consistent with Intel’s position in the industry. Being a large player in the industry, a strategic approach to its training program is vital. In this respect, a progressive training delivery best suits Intel Corporation. Enterprise architecture encompasses practices that cannot change

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