Thursday, August 29, 2019

Personal Statement on a subject of Social Injustice in the US and why

On a subject of Social Injustice in the US and why you want to be an intern with GO Project - Personal Statement Example My aim shall be to provide avenues in which children are recognized in society. This means allowing children to be aware of their environments while at the same time enabling them survive in societies that limits their freedom. Child negligence remains a problem in the 21st century and it is up to the society to change this fact. There is need to focus on how to equip children with the required knowledge to survive current societies. My ambition is to create a generational change where society will embrace and treated children equally. Empowering children will mean securing their future hence creating a responsible society. My passion for children will prompt me to develop mechanism that allow children to access basic education and enhance their skills and talents. The future of these children is paramount to any development agenda. They have the potential to transform the society and my aim would be to ensure they achieve these

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