Tuesday, October 8, 2019

139 DB wk8 ED Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

139 DB wk8 ED - Essay Example Moreover, the duties of the financial manager include preparation of financial statements, overseeing financial services, monitoring cash flows, predicting future trends in business, monitoring the financial system and offering advisory services to the top management on the best strategies of improving financial performance to ensure the growth and success of the organization. These differ from the accountants whose role is to collect financial records, prepare tax returns along side other financial records, monitor and ensure they are up to date and in a compliance to the company policies and legal standards. Nevertheless, while discharging their duties, accountants and financial manager should comply with the codes of ethics governing the preparation of financial records. As the law demands, everything should be done in a transparent manner without defrauding the organization and its stakeholders. In my opinion, people became conscious about transparency after the mega infamous accounting scandal at Enron Inc was unmasked in 2001. It was not until the senior management, accountants and auditors were jailed for engaging in fraudulent accounting activities when accountants started becoming

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