Saturday, February 8, 2020

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 66

Leadership - Essay Example The poor organizational culture is among the key factors that contribute to the consistent failure of the team. On the contrary, the junior varsity team shows commitment to excellence owing to the ability of every team member to commit to the aspiration of the team coupled with their discipline and respect for each other. The existence of two teams each with a set of unique yet contradictory values shows a disjointed organizational structure with an equally uncoordinated organizational culture. Lack of effective leadership and models of communication within the organization is responsible for such a culture (Schein, 2010). Coach P is not yet in the â€Å"sweet pot† that Zenger and Folkman describe in their book. The two explain that in order for leaders to reach the sweet pot, they must enjoy success, have constant engagements, enjoy love from the firm and learn new skills happily from their daily experiences. Such are not the case at the Army Crew as the Varsity team does not enjoy and Coach P is always a frustrated coach owing to the team’s poor performance. Coach P can reach the sweet pot in his current organization. However, he must work hard in order to achieve that. Firstly, coach P must align his core competencies to the dictates of his team. This will enhance efficiency since ever undertaking will have a desirable result. Additionally, he must examine his passion and ensure that he stays happy at the organization. His attitude influences the outcome of the team (Zenger & Folkman,

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